Updating the brand & optimizing for mobile.

Project Problem Statement: Our website doesn't match the rest of our brand materials, and it doesn't work very well on mobile phones.

The business goal

Increase the volume and quality of leads on the site by preventing user falloff and ensuring people can find what they are looking for.

The team

Me, a product manager, a UI designer, an associate UX researcher, and a brand designer.

My role

What we did

I started with compiling a heuristic evaluation of the site and a competitive landscape audit in order to help stakeholder understand the opportunities for improvements.

The heuristic evaluation focused on how we could bring the website up to contemporary standards, mostly related to responsive and accessibility improvements.

The competitive audit helped us prioritize feature updates and additions, as well as contextualize the recommendations in the heuristic evaluation.

We also used this phase of the work to rethink some of the content strategy in order to ensure that the site was living up to the company's brand promise.

Next, we redesigned the entire site.

After identifying all of the unique component and content needs we created new designs for desktop and mobile screens.

We are currently expanding this design system to cover tablets and extra large desktop screens.

Once we had a working system with Stakeholder buy-in, we moved on to building out a component library.

Now we are working with our development partner to ensure the site is performing well.

What we delivered

Fully responsive designs covering the entire site, with the updated brand applied, conforming to WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards, and a component library to ease the build process.