Making sense of thousands of products.

Project Problem Statement: How might we help healthcare professionals understand our the breadth and benefits of our medical devices products, and clean up a fragmented and incomplete digital ecostystem?

The business goal

My team needed to incorporate content from about 300 regional websites into one global website covering 7 companies worth of products and services, apply J&J's new brand expression as it was being developed, maintain the buy-in of nearly 100 corporate stakeholders, and have it all done in 12 months without disrupting any existing business.

The team

Me, a UX-strategy manager,  a systems-design manager, 3 product designers, 5 content strategists, and a prototype developer.

My role

What we did

First we needed to get a grasp on the ecosystem; the available content was particularly dense and unorganized. We worked with the content owners to audit everything and put together a new taxonomy to understand what we had. Next we worked with medical device experts to understand what healthcare professionals want to accomplish when coming to a site like this.

We conducted research with users, sales representatives, and subject-matter experts in order to understand if there was a delta between the business and user goals…

we developed personas to communicated the user needs internally to stakeholders…

and established the optimal end-to-end customer experience to make sure we cover the business' needs.

We audited the content and developed a new taxonomy…

we established a new site structure…

and plotted our content types and categories against them..

In parallel to all of this structural work we collaborated with the Brand Experience Design team to make decisions on how the new J&J brand would be expressed on a website.

Our process was to take what we could from the work that was finished, apply the work to our prototype, and then send the style guide that developed from that back to the BED team for further refinement and to let any changes we make influence the rest of the brand expression.

We then developed a modular / atomic system, refined the work to pass usability testing, and created guidelines for technology implementation, all on a sprint schedule that we defined for the product team.

What we delivered

We designed the user interface in code and worked with our technology partners to manage the design deliverables for sprints.